Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 9th-20th

April 9th: Sweet baby toes (phone pic this day)

April 10th:  Breakfast at the donut shop.

April 11th: Licking the spoon of the glaze for scones

April 12th: At the park

April 13th: Trying spaghetti for the first time and chatting with our small group friends

April 14th: Mitchell Easter egg dying night

April 15th: Park night

April 16th: Being carried to her room after falling asleep in our bed.

April 17th: A fresh batch of cinnamon rolls for Easter brunch.

April 18th:We had a sick day at home and had to miss our friends Easter party, but at least there were cinnamon rolls to soften the blow. 

April 19th: Rhett's first birthday party, and the flags at OC for the bombing memorial anniversary.

April 20th: Our family on Easter!!


  1. lovelovelove that pic of Rhett!! It'll look good on your professional photography website....come on Annaleise, I can't hint any harder :) Beautiful family Easter photo too. I love it when families coordinate outfits! :)

  2. I loved your easter dress and can't thank you enough for the pics of Rhett at his party, what treasures they will be!!