Saturday, April 05, 2014


Michael had a work event in Dallas last weekend, and I decided I would be brave and we would join him. The last time the 4 of us stayed in a hotel together, the night went terribly with both kids waking each other up and no one getting much sleep. But that was a few months ago and we were able to have two separate rooms, so I thought we would try again. We went down after he got off work Friday night. Saturday morning we had breakfast and headed out to the Dallas Arboretum. I'd read about it last year and had been wanting to go.
The flowers were incredible and the weather was perfect!

Tossing a coin and making a wish... (she discarded the tutu later in the morning, that she just HAD to bring with us on the trip "in case she needed to be fancy"). She told me later she wished for a princess carriage to come, but that it didn't and her wish didn't come true. This age definitely has its ups and downs, but can be really funny at times too.

 The children's garden area was awesome. There was a preschool area with a little house, sand to play in, a little splash area, and tons of other activities throughout the garden.

We could have stayed much longer than we did. I'd recommend bringing a picnic to eat on the grounds or eating there and making a day of it.

At North Park Mall- she said: Mom, take a picture of me and my pony with these flowers. We are beautiful! :)

And what is a weekend at a hotel with kids without some swim time? Benjamin tried out the floating ring for the first time and he was a fan! He loved splashing his hands in the water just like he does at bath time. Michael went to his dinner auction in the evening and the kids and I went out to eat dinner. We ate on the patio at Corner Bakery and Isabella sang 'Let it go' at the top her lungs while spinning and eventually tripped and fell while Benjamin was fussing and ready for a nap. And I just pulled my sunglasses down over my face a little lower. ;) We ate quickly and got back to the hotel so those babies could get to bed. It was a fun Saturday!

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