Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 1-8

April 1st:What Mama gets for leaving the diaper bag open and on the ground...

April 2nd: He has figured out how to stand at my bathtub and turn on the water. He gets so proud of himself and screams when I carry him away. So that's fun. ;)

April 3rd: Redbud in bloom on our walk to the park

April 4th: About once a week my dad hides cookies for Isabella from McLaren's pantry. She loves it!
(Now that I've decided Easter is a good time to take down the Christmas topiary he will have to find a new hiding spot! hahaha!)

April 5th: Double cart fun on our first trip to Sam's with the kids.

April 6th: Benny and Me

April 7th: Michael received his first copies of his book!! So exciting!

April 8th: Isabella had her first dentist appointment. She was super nervous like she was at her hair cut. But she did great and the staff was all really great with her. She was disappointed there was no sucker at the end like at the Dr. But she did receive a lot of other loot to make up for it!

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