Thursday, October 10, 2013


We walked to the neighborhood park for a picnic today. I was practicing shooting with my lens wide open. It was middle of the day, full sun overhead, and we ate our picnic in a shady spot with some light coming through. So neither was the best lighting situation.

Photo bombed by sister, who didn't want to be in a picture until I started taking some of Benjamin.

The park backs up to a field and barn that has horses. Sometimes we can see them and sometimes they are in a different area and we can't. Today the horses were out and a couple donkeys. She's always excited to see them! She climbs up the fence to get a better look.

Then she wanted to take some pictures of the horses with my camera. So I showed her how to hold the camera and take a picture and she thought that was pretty cool. 20 blurry horse pictures later, we headed back home. :)

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