Sunday, October 27, 2013

end of the week...

We got "boo-ed"! So much fun, thanks Nana! A great surprise to wake up from nap time to find!
(The next day my dad left cookies on the porch from McLaren's pantry...I could get used to having treats dropped off every afternoon! :) ) 

Thursday evening we dressed up and went to trick or treat in the dorms. 

Isabella was scared by the eagle mascot at the door, but otherwise we had a great time!
Nana and Nuriya were able to join us!

Friday night we went downtown to ride the Cinderella carriage. I had gotten a groupon to do that for Isabella's birthday. She loved it!


Saturday we finally carved a pumpkin. Isabella had been asking for a couple of weeks when we were going to scoop the seeds out.

The tree in our backyard has finally started turning. I love it! I wish I would have taken a picture every day from when it started to see them all complied together. Its a glorious time of year.

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