Saturday, October 12, 2013

Orr Family Farm

Friday Michael was off work for Fall break so we went to the Orr farm. I woke up with my throat so sore it hurt to swallow water let alone any food. But I really wanted to go while Michael was off work, so we went anyway.
I was thinking it  would be better to go on a week day than the weekend, but there were several schools there for field trips, so non- school time might have been better. But we got there right as most of them started to have lunch so we didn't have to wait in line too long for anything.

The boys on the hayride.
I thought Benjamin would fall asleep on the ride down, but he did not. So he was super sleepy.

Picking out her pumpkin.
She said this was her favorite part of the day.

I caption this one- "Hold me close Benny. The zombies are comin'".  Really its just super bright and she's squinting.  (And the Walking Dead has been playing A LOT at our house recently. I can't watch it! Too scary and gory for me!)

Waiting in line  for the train.
Which broke down while we were on it. Luckily it happened close to the jumping pillows where we were headed next and not on the back of the farm!

Last year she was afraid of the animals in petting zoos, so feeding them is a whole new development!

She also rode the mini tractors, bounced on the jumping pillows, and on our way out she rode the carousel. But we were back to sitting on a bench because she said she was too scared to ride one of the horses.  We had a really fun time! We left and picked up chickfila and came home to nap.

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  1. Oh no I hope your throat is better! And someday she will get excited about riding something other than the bench! I love BG's hat!