Friday, October 18, 2013


Over my mom's fall break we went to Pumpkinville at the Myriad Garden. I'm pretty comfortable getting out with both of the kids by myself most of the time, but any time someone else can come along its always great! I thought it might be freezing, but it was a great fall day!
The entrance to the children's garden was decorated with tons of pumpkins. It was gorgeous! But I'm also a sucker for pumpkins in all kinds of shapes, colors, and varieties!

                                                                                    Singing "life's a funny dreeeeaMM!"                                                                                                               (her version of row your boat)

Inside the garden there were tons more pumpkins, fall decorations, and things for the kids to play on.

Isabella and my mom painted pumpkins together.

A massive owl sculpture

And my sweet, happy baby pumpkin 

We had a really fun time together!

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