Thursday, August 30, 2012

New, and the same

We've been adjusting to a lot of "new" around here while many things are still the same.
my *almost* two year old

I think one of our favorite new things is the neighborhood pool.

another favorite is a bigger bathtub to practice her "swimming"
I've tried to keep things as predictable as possible. Like keeping our morning routines the same. With plenty of time for quiet and playing in pajamas.

she has a dainty way of picking off the sprinkles and eating them first.
We've checked out our new donut shop

We tried a new library, but have been going back to the old one because we like it better. I am missing some things about our old place and its location, but enjoying our new place as well.

There is much excitement around here with college football starting this weekend, Michael's birthday to celebrate in a few days, and I just ordered 2nd birthday invitations!

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