Saturday, September 08, 2012

23 Months

 I decided I should post Isabella's 23 month update since we are 2 weeks away from the next one!
We've noticed this month she has started remembering things we have done even more and talking about them later. She has been singing more words to songs lately. She is getting better at getting her clothes off and on. This past month has been a little crazy with all of the packing and moving, and a rough 8 day stretch that I figured out after the fact was due to her cutting two of her two year molars. Without fail when she is getting teeth she becomes horribly congested...every time.  Before we moved, we went to frontier city and white water a couple more times to celebrate summer before it is gone. She also had her first night away from both of us when we celebrated our 10 yr anniversary. She enjoyed playing with my mom and shopping for a Thomas the train.

She still practices her "swimming" in the bathtub, and this month has started laying completely flat on her back, letting the water cover most of her face. The biggest change we notice seems to be the new words she is saying every day and how she is putting more phrases together.
...And the truth of how it is some times. It's tough being a toddler.

(A year ago at 11 months!)

Hmmm...some similarities here

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