Monday, September 24, 2012

Beach baby

Several things derailed me from blogging last here is a late post-vacation post.
I am happy to say I think our girl loves the beach as much as we do. She had a blast digging in the sand and playing away and even swimming out deep in the ocean.

The water was super rough one day, but otherwise we had great beach days and great weather.

If she wasn't concentrating on her work she was in motion. Her movement and some tricky lighting situations made it difficult for me to get good shots as I am still learning to shoot in manual mode.

Lots of helicopters and planes flew overhead, which she loved watching.

We loved our week at the beach and all of the family time we had. The Florida coast is so beautiful! Michael left for a 4 day work trip early in the morning when we got home. Isabella and I were missing Daddy and the beach as soon as we got home. She asked  me several times that week if she could "go to florida later" and "go on trip to beach".

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