Thursday, August 09, 2012

I decided one day this week it was time to start living in the reality that we are moving...on Tuesday. This opportunity came unexpectedly and with other stuff we've had going on this Summer, I really haven't thought about it much.

So I began packing up our stuff yesterday. This makes our 7th move in 10 years, all within our local area. You would think in that time I would have developed some great system for moving. I haven't. I am terrible at packing. But, I have learned I am good at getting us settled pretty quickly and creating a space to be our home. (With the help of many gracious friends and family members). And also I've learned it doesn't matter where we live, a boys dorm, a tiny apartment, a house, wherever, home consists of our family and the experiences we share in our home with friends not the space we are in. This will be our first move with a child, other than when we moved and I was 8 months pregnant, so I am wondering how that will change things. I'm not excited about the moving process, but I am excited to create new memories and share our home with those we love.

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