Sunday, August 12, 2012

Some of our week in Instagrams

 Tuesday: We went to the water park as it will be closing soon with school starting back

 I had put on our summer list to play in the rain, forgetting that we are pretty much in a drought and aren't really getting rain. It finally rained and before it turned to hurricane-like conditions and we lost power, we went for a rain walk and did some rain dancing.

 Thursday: Breakfast with Thomas

 At frontier city with Milo waiting on the train. Such anticipation!

 Friday: Evening swim with Mimi while Daddy's out of town

Saturday: Brunch with some of my cousins

Coffee break...way better than Starbucks!

We had a couple fun outings and some down time this week, as I anticipate this coming week to not allow for much of that with our move. Also this week, Isabella had a blast at the toddler Olympics at Mother's day out at our church, and we were both super happy to have Michael back home after his work trips. I will be taking a break from the internet for a couple of weeks to focus on some other things and get settled in our new home.


  1. I just awarded you the "Liebster Blog Award": Look at my page for the award and the question and answers and have fun. Hope all is well with you. Can't believe we have almost 2 year olds!!!!

  2. In the picture where Iz is smiling in the pool, I think she looks like Mom. Not her mom - our Mom. Take a look and see what you think!

    1. She does!! She was also smiling at mom in the picture, so maybe the looks transferred. :)