Monday, August 06, 2012

10 years

We celebrated 10 years of marriage this past friday! For our family celebration we picked up sandwiches from our favorite place for a picnic and went swimming.
 We went home and put Isabella down for a nap and began packing our bags. My sister and mom both volunteered some time ago to stay at our house and keep Isabella if we wanted to go away for our anniversary. My mom ended up staying with her, and after much debate of where to go, we settled on staying at the Skirvin, here in OKC. One of the upsides to Michael traveling is that we had enough points to stay for free. It was so great to pack a bag just for me, and not have to think about diapers, wipes, books, lugging a pack-n-play, snacks, and all the other extras.
 We were pretty pumped about it. We checked into our room and no one ran around the room screaming, pulling the phone across the room stretching out the cord, while putting the ice bucket on their head...

although, I have no idea where our child would get that

wild behavior from... :)

We got ready to go out to dinner.

Ate delicious food.
Watched a movie in bed.
Slept in.

Ate a yummy breakfast in bed.
I read. 
And then I said, "I'm ready to see Isabella". And Michael said, "Me too."

So we went home an hour or two earlier than planned. I suppose that is the sign of a good night away, being relaxed and refreshed and ready to see our girl again. Someday we hope to take a trip for a few days to celebrate, but until we are able to make that happen, we enjoyed our night away.

We were able to reflect on the past 10 years during our night away. We have grown up a lot, struggled at times, moved a lot, traveled a lot, and laughed a lot in 10 years. Through it all, I love sharing life with my best friend.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Love the jumping on bed pics :)