Sunday, April 08, 2012

Saturday in Instagrams

Ready to hit the town

 We had a few hours between checking out of our hotel and when Michael could leave. So Isabella and I went to some of my favorite places we don't have here in OKC, Crate and Barrel, Sur la table, & World Market. I could have kept going, but 3 places is about the max for a busy toddler and we didn't have a stroller. 
 We had lunch at la madeline on the patio.
 The man who took our order at lunch gave Isabella some free strawberries because she "is soooo beautiful". He only meant to be kind. I hope I can raise her to know her worth is not in her looks. I wanted to say, yes, but she is also smart, she likes books, she has a happy spirit... :)
 We walked over to Sprinkles and picked up cupcakes for the ride home.
 Time to assemble Isabella's easter basket! I was looking forward to this all day!!
Ready to go! I'm most excited about her lush egg and carrot bombs. I did just a little bit of candy, but not too much. I put a swimsuit in there last year and now this year, so I guess that means its a tradition, along with getting a new book. We decided to forgo the bunny prints on the floor for another year when she is a bit older.

Isabella and I are headed to Chicago this week to keep Ava during the day while Heather is in a conference. Isabella did not give me much hope for good sleep in the hotel this weekend in Dallas. But I'm hoping for great sleep, easy travel, and happy girls!


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    1. Thanks! I'm excited and nervous! Pray for us!