Thursday, April 05, 2012

Already Thursday?

 Tuesday it rained a lot. We went to the grocery store and then Barnes and Noble in the morning. Isabella played with the trains while I looked at some books. After morning nap she went to mother's day out for a couple of hours while I went to lunch with my Tuesday lunch girls. Then I finished gathering things for Isabella's Easter basket, which I'm really excited about.
Late Wednesday afternoon we had a milk shake date at the lake. The park there is still closed so we just walked around the light house and sat on the bench out there for a while.

 The sky was absolutely incredible. I could have stayed until sunset. But it was windy and bit chilly, and after a while Isabella started saying 'Karr' so we went back to our car.

 Today we went to an Easter party. Your bunny cake was awesome Katie!
Olivia's outdoor patio is adorable and so fun, and makes me wish just a tiny bit I could be a little girl and it be mine!  


 Danielle's delicious carrots!
 Isabella is still a little slow on the whole idea of an egg "hunt". 

Perhaps part of this is because she has figured out a lot of eggs have a treat or candy in them. So she just wants to open the egg and eat the candy right away. This strategy works fine if you are the only one hunting eggs, but in a group you will miss a lot of eggs. I suppose she has time to learn more about these things... :) 
Isabella and I are making a quick trip to join Michael in Dallas for part of the weekend while he is working, and then be back to celebrate Easter with our families. And I will run 9 miles...YIKES!


  1. Thanks! It was fun to make. You can come over anytime to play in the patio. I love to play in the sandbox possibly more than Liv :)

  2. I love Isabella's little outfit. I would stop and eat the candy right away too :)