Saturday, April 28, 2012

 Its been about a year now that I have been running consistently again. Toward the end of last year, my cousin and I were joking about running a half marathon. Joking, because both of us were a little scared to commit to it. But the joking turned into a commitment, and many months later it is race day eve. To our great disappointment Hayli got injured during our training and had to stop running. I fell off the wagon for a while after that, but picked it back up and joined up with Heather for long runs. The long runs alone are tough, so I am so grateful that we have been able to run together.

 The memorial flags were put up along the course I run a couple of weeks ago, and spurred me on toward race day.
 Tonight I cooked up my good friend Beth's delicious spaghetti recipe for a "carb load" dinner.
 There are many reasons why I run and why I chose this commitment, but that's for another day.
I've got all my stuff laid out for my 5AM wake up call...nothing else to do now at this point but try to rest, even though I'm feeling very nervous/excited/not tired!

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