Thursday, April 19, 2012

A little bit of our week

 I was racing against the rain on my run tonight and on the last quarter mile the rain won. I.was.soaked! The memorial marathon is 10 days away. And while I am not as ready as I'd like to be for a half marathon, I'm close enough to be able to do it. I'm excited!
 Monday we had lunch at inspirations tea room with Daddy. Isabella enjoyed her first tea!
 Sometimes she wants to be like me...(although I don't hold any babies by their feet)
 And sometimes she tries daddy's shoes on for size.

 We played at the zoo today and the splash pads are open for the season!
 Tonight we went on a walk and played at the park. The clouds were awesome with the storm rolling in.
Its been a week of catching up on a some things, some laundry and cleaning, and some good downtime. I love a good thunderstorm. I've just made a cup of blueberry bliss tea and I'm ready to read my book, drink my tea, listen to the rain, and go to sleep! 

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  1. I love daddy's and little girls holding hands pictures! The little shrug is so cute!

    I am running my 5 mi tomorrow no matter how I feel, I haven't ran since Tues since I've felt so yuck.