Wednesday, April 25, 2012

19 Months

At 19 months you are:
-Repeating everything we say, and starting to string more words together. Such as: "where it go?" "Dada at work" "I did it" "I see you".
-Sometimes you seem to want to say all the words you can and will go on a random rant saying: "Mama! Dada! puppy! truck! Ava! water! baby! night-night!" You end with great gusto and seem very pleased with yourself. 
-Your new favorite treat is marshmallows, and you call them "shinos". "More shino peeese!!"
-You have become interested in Elmo this month. 
-You love trying on mine and daddy's shoes, putting on jackets, and carrying my purses or bags around.
-You are really enjoying coloring- in coloring books, on the kitchen floor, the bathroom floor, your face, the wall, the steps, in your books... ;) you are starting to do better, and we have been working on remembering we only color on paper. 
-You become more frustrated now when I don't understand you or you aren't able to do something you want to do. Your fits have become a little more and sometimes A LOT more intense along with this. 
-We ended our journey with nursing this month, and while it was bittersweet, the time was right for both of us. I hadn't thought about going this long, but also didn't have a specific timeline in mind, and I'm glad it worked out the way it did for both of us. You drink regular milk right before bed now, and sometimes ask for it in the morning, but won't drink it any other time. 
-You love playing outside, and ask a lot to go outside and "pay". 
-You have started making up songs, some of the words are coherent, some are not. It is so sweet!
-You have started talking about the potty, and telling me when you need your diaper changed or if you need to poop. This is great, except at church or when I'm on the phone with a client and you are yelling: Poop! Mama! POOP!

-You still love books, and have started "reading" some of them to us. You always read the Llama llama books in the funniest voice! It makes me wonder if that is what I sound like to you.

I love you Isabella with your wild curly hair and your boisterous and fun personality! You give me great joy! 


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  1. ❤❤❤ I love your letter to her! ❤❤❤