Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Easter!

 Isabella spotted her Easter basket when she came in the living room.
 She loved shaking the eggs! We headed off to church and she was wild and busy as usual so she wouldn't fall asleep.
 Our church had an egg hunt in the park across the street after the service. She had already made progress since the egg hunt on Thursday at getting as many in her basket as she could. Except for the ones that were cracked open, and with those she just took the candy and discarded the egg!
 Squinty sun smiles
 Lunch at my mom's
 Isabella got a bubble blower in Easter bag
 Another egg hunt!
Isabella with Cappy and Papa. We were blessed to get to spend time with both of our parents.
By the end of this easter season Isabella is a well practiced egg hunter! We have tons of candy! We had such a lovely day with our families and delicious food, even with a major meltdown from being overtired and not understanding why she couldn't have more candy. I loved sharing the holiday with my little girl. Happy Easter!

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