Monday, February 06, 2012

We had a low key family day on Saturday until I had to leave that evening for book club.

We all wore pajamas for a good portion of the day, and Isabella thought it was hilarious to wear these pants on her head.

Isabella watched her first movie. Well about 10 minutes of it, then she was over it and up and bounding around again.

Sunday night Heather and David came over to watch the Superbowl. I made these brownies from a recipe my sister gave me.

One thing I love about them is you melt the butter on the stove, and then just mix everything else in the pot. So you don't have to worry about your butter having to be at room temperature, or over melting it, and you just have one pot to clean.

I put down half of the batter, layered chocolate chips, and then the rest of the batter.

They are very good!

We didn't want to get toooo crazy with food, although I realize that is the best part of the Superbowl. We had sausage balls, pizza squares, veggies, chips and queso, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and black cherry cream soda.

Of course Isabella's favorite was the c-o-o-k-i-e. I try to spell it instead of saying it, because if she hears that word she repeats it about 100 times.

I love the weekends with our little family. They go so fast!
Happy Monday!

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