Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Isabella and I headed out on our first solo flying adventure last Wednesday. Michael was going to be out of town for a work trip, so we went to New Jersey to visit my best friend Emily.
 Little did we know, there was a ton of fog at the airport, and no planes were landing. So I entertained my very active 16 month old, during a time when she would usually be napping, for FOUR hours!! I let her have free reign over the airport, but most often she wanted to run into the men's restroom and the smoking lounge. (The only two places that were off limits...of course!)
She was entertained for quite some time with these balloons that were left over from valentine's day and left on the floor. Because our plane was so delayed we were going to miss our connection to get to our destination. I was put on a different plane that was going to get me in 5 hours later and require us to be on a plane for much longer. I called Emily to update her and she told me to ask about flying into a different airport. So we changed planes again and I now had a direct flight to Baltimore.
Isabella played for the first 45 minutes of the flight, she was sooo overtired. I knew if I could just get her still she would crash. And she did. We had a great flight. I was proud of my traveling girl.
Emily picked us up and I was so happy to see her! We went to check out some of the sights in Baltimore and out for crabcakes and seafood before heading back to her place. Although, she has her own kids, she is so sweet with my baby girl. 
Walking along the harbor
Checking out the boats
We met in graduate school and have been great friends ever since. We have been through a lot of difficult things together. Emily is the kind of person that makes you want to be a better person and friend. She is the most encouraging person I know and always says the right thing. She has prayed over me so many times in the last year when I was exhausted from sleepless nights or Isabella being sick and I was having one of those "I-don't-know-how-much-longer-I-can-do-this" moments.

After dinner we headed back on the 2.5 hour drive back to Emily's house. Isabella ended up getting sick and we had to stop three times to change her clothes and clean vomit out of her car seat. :( She was sick again in the night, but back to normal the next day. It was a day full of things that happened that were just out of my control. And while the day was frustrating in some ways we were taken care of and blessed by many people. I have more to post later. On our trip we visited Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and several places in New Jersey.

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