Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Here are some scenes from our 2012 Valentine's celebrations:

 Heart shaped waffles & pink and white straws in milk (or caramel frappes) for breakfast. Next year I will make the waffles and milk pink.

Chocolate chip sandwich cookies for Michael to take to work.

 A Valentine craft Isabella made at Heather's yesterday. I love it!

Balloons for Isabella
So, I saw these adorable heart shaped balloons on this blog I read, so I ordered some for Iz for Valentines day. I took them to get them blown up, and realized how tiny they were. The lady at the store said, "Um, these will not float". The other guy working there said if she put two on a ribbon they would float, but they didn't. I told her it really didn't matter, they were for my little girl and she wouldn't care if they were floating or not. Telling her they were for my little girl seemed to make it a challenge for her. She said, "They are for your little girl?! Well, I'm going to make these balloons float for her". I reiterated that she really wouldn't care. But she kept working at it and eventually had four of the heart balloons tied together and they still wouldn't float, which discouraged her. So she got a large balloon and tied it all together and was very pleased. I got out my wallet to pay, and she told me not to worry about it that it was on her. Why am I telling this long story? I was just really touched by her determination and kindness. She spent extra time in her day trying to do something that she thought would make someone else happy, got it done, and wouldn't let me pay for it. Although I'm sure it was just a few dollars, it was really nice. Being caught off guard by the kindness and generosity of stranger made my day and made me want to do something kind. And how much better would our world be if we all went around doing kind things for each other?! (Stepping off my soap box). Just now as I'm typing this I got a text from my sister that she left a surprise on my front porch! Kindness people- it makes a difference! :)

Valentines Isabella and I sent out to our family.

My sweet owl card- hoo la la!

My valentine girl

We had breakfast at home together this morning and then a busy day. Isabella hung with me running around doing several errands for us getting ready to go out of town and some other last minute things. Michael brought home dinner from one of my favorite places 501 Cafe. Its been a good day. I am so grateful for the family I have to love and that love me! Happy Valentines Day! 


  1. i want to eat your house!:) very cute cards!

    1. "at" your house

    2. I didn't even notice! My brain auto-corrected and added the at. But I am glad you don't want to eat my house! :)