Monday, February 13, 2012

 We headed out to Fort Worth Saturday to an OC roadshow Michael had. Isabella had her first ride in her big girl car seat. She is still rear facing for now, but it sits up higher than her infant seat so she can see a bit more. {Thanks Mimi!}
 The road show was at a families' house we have stayed with before. I really look up to Krista, she is a great mother and baker and really funny. She knows how to throw a party!

Her dessert table that she spent hours baking for. 

 She changes out the candy in these jars seasonally. We were there last in the fall, and Isabella wasn't walking and couldn't really see them and didn't really know what candy was. She has been a little spoiled since then, as soon as we walked in the kitchen she started pointing, signing please, and enthusiastically saying PLEEEZE PLEEZE! She loves sweets.

 Isabella got dressed in her OC gear and ran wildly around in a house with 100 people with no fear, making friends with everyone.
She did well on the 3.5 hour car rides, which I'm hoping she will follow suit for our 3 hour plane ride this week. In the first picture in her car seat, she looks so much like a little girl, and I love in this one when she's asleep, I still see my baby.

 We got some snow last night! Not enough to cancel our day or anything, but still exciting. Michael's work did start 2 hours late, so it was nice to have him home longer. When it snows I feel we must have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, so we had the last of the pioneer woman cinnamon rolls I had in the freezer.
Watching Daddy clear off his car.

 I'm grateful for a quiet morning. Today I've got a meeting with our accountant, clients to see, errands to run for our family valentines celebration tomorrow, phone calls to return...but I'm not going to stress. ;) Isabella and I leave Wednesday morning for a trip to New Jersey, so at some point I need to think about packing. Happy Monday! Have a great one!

(I loved this post today! I am only a mother of one so far, and I would like to say Amen! Most parents I know are trying their best, but parenting can be hard. I've picked my screaming child off the floor in barnes and noble and carried her out, wrestled her in restaurants, and I can't imagine wrangling 4 children, in public, on my own. I'm also trying to train my child up well and sometimes there are just those moments in public when its really tough! I'm hoping to be surrounded by gracious people on planes this week, and that my child does well!)

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