Sunday, November 07, 2010

Day 7

Today I am thankful for Michael's time. He had a really busy week up through today with school, homework, work meetings, homecoming, the call out, teaching bible class- just to name a few of his commitments.

In spite of being really tired today he: took a load of stuff to good will for me, took Izzy and me to a Christmas open house, vacuumed and swiffered the floors, went grocery shopping with me, and got Isabella ready for church so I could shower.

I'm sure most of these activities were not high on his list of things he wanted to get done today, but really meant a lot to me!

Now for the pictures. Isabella had her first pictures with Santa at the open house. We will have to get some more, because these did not go so well...

Who is this weirdo? When she started to fuss, Santa handed her off to Mrs. Claus...

Who attempted to calm her with no avail...

This was the best we could do! :)

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  1. That look on her face is priceless! Love it!