Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Who am I?

When we were little we played a game called who am I? We would take turns acting out different stories and the rest of the family had to guess which bible character we were. Today I am reminded of this game as I am thinking about who am I, and what have I chosen to define myself by.

Never good enough...not smart enough, not good enough for honors, not good enough for Pepperdine, not good enough for OSU...not smart enough compared with the other aspiring PhD students.

Tonight in observation someone said to me, "I think you will surprise us with an amazing inner strength." Someone else responded, "or maybe we won't be surprised at all." Those who I allow to know me see past my wall of self doubt. I easily forget that I have been called and equipped.

For too long now I have chosen to be defined by something someone always said while I was growing up, or a grade, or a program.

For too long I have been in the shadows, and the time is coming to step into the light.

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  1. Hey. Reading your blog...very interesting. Liked this entry. Seeing through the wall of self-doubt...just an awesome thing to think about.