Saturday, April 01, 2006

Home Inspection

Although I didn't have this blog then or I would have mentioned it, we had our home inspection on Wednesday. Despite the fact that the realtor was about 40 minutes late, everything went pretty well. Both the termite inspector and the whole house inspector commented on how the house was in immaculate condition compared to other houses of it's age. After crawling around in the crawl space doing whatever termite inspectors do in a crawl space, the termite guy said that the underneath of the house had been completely re-done and was in better condition than some new homes he'd seen.

Although I don't really have a clue what there is under a house that could be in good condition, and I don't know how the condition of whatever is under there impacts resale value, but I'm guessing that ups the resale value by at least five grand... at least that's how I'm gonna spin it when we sell in five to seven years.

So anyway, back to the inspection. The house has been completely remodeled this past year, and although the inspector found about $400 worth of repairs that he recommended be made, there was really nothing major wrong with the house. As someone who used to be a realtor, I've seen my fair share of inspections that turned up thousands of dollars worth of needed repairs to a property, so you can imagine how relieved I was when I saw his report.

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