Monday, September 05, 2016

Happy Birthday Harrison!

Harrison was born on September 3rd in the early morning hours at 3:12. 
Welcome to our family Harrison!

The big kids came to meet him later in the morning. We put him in the bassinet before they came in to meet him. They were so sweet and excited to see him.

I read this book in a book store when Isabella was a baby and made a note of it. And after being pregnant with my third baby I had this vision of reading it to my big kids when they came to meet the new baby in the hospital, all piled in the bed together. I knew it was possibly unrealistic as, visions I have of things I want to do with my kids don't always pan can never predict their cooperation. Haha!

But they actually sat in the bed with me and we read the book together. And the moment was everything I dreamed it would be, from their first meeting with Harrison to us reading together. After the story we gave them their big sister/big brother gifts. It felt very surreal, but was a wonderful moment and I tried to soak it all in through my exhausted state.

Isabella made this picture to bring to Harrison at the hospital.

Mitchell Party of 5

 Staring at all of his sweet tiny features the evening of his birthday.

 All clean after his first bath the next morning. (Happy 35th birthday Michael)

 Sweet blonde hair!

Happy birthday Harrison!! We are so grateful for your life and thank God for the blessing of you!

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