Friday, September 30, 2016

September phone pics

 Hi! I'm Harrison. 

 Harrison with his Great Grandma, Verna Lee. His middle name is after her. 

 Iz making pictures of our family while we were in the hospital. 

 Getting some vitamin D trying to get a better bilirubin number. Those ankle pricks are no fun. :(

 Harrison is one week old! Headed out on a quick dinner date...with a photo bomber in the window. 

Loving on brother before school one morning. 

Big talks with Mimi, her last day staying with us. 


Papa took the kids each to the fair each on their own for some one on one time. Isabella got her face painted and had a blue snow cone, thus the blue teeth.

Benny's favorite part at the fair was the train that dental depot brought.

Love those arms up while sleeping.

Making Isabella's number 6 birthday cookies.

Talks with the grandkids after Sunday lunch.

So many sleeping pics taken this month of our sweet boy.

Trains with big brother

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