Monday, September 26, 2016

Isabella turns 6

Our girl turned 6! So big!
Pancakes for breakfast before school 

Trying out her new bike before school that morning. 

I brought chickfila to school and had lunch with her. She has a big jolly rancher in her mouth! ha! 

Recess with her good friend Juliet. 
We scrapped our dinner plans to go to family fun night at her school that evening as she really wanted to do that. Her party was the next morning. She had seen a daniel tiger episode a few weeks prior with a fall party and decided that's what she wanted to do for her party. Since Harrison is a couple of weeks old, I wasn't sure about pulling all of this off, but my Mom's came to the rescue and did most of the decorating, food, and games. Thanks so much Mom and Paula!

 Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing

 Love the pumpkins for serving the dips!!!

 Someone snapped this of Benjamin taking a breather outside. Lots of noise and goings on for my boy's introverted spirit. 

Izzy playing, throw the hoop over the pumpkin.

 Pin the leaf on the pumpkin game

 Pumpkin bowling

 Pinata time

 Collecting candy

 Benjamin and Benjamin

 Cake time

 Playing with her new art set post party. She also got some face paint crayons she loved using.

Happy birthday sweet girl!! At 6 you are loving being with friends and people as much as possible, school, going to church, drawing and art, music, mexican food and anything sweet, Magic tree house books, beanie boos, and your favorite color is "rainbow". You still play with your my little ponies and dress up in your princess costumes, but not as much as you use to. You have a great imagination and create fun play scenarios for you and Benjamin to play.
We love you so much! Your bring so much joy and energy to our home.

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