Thursday, September 15, 2016

Harrison's Newborn pics

After much debate I decided to do Harrison's newborn photos instead of hiring someone. My friend Sara who does photography offered to help me and that sealed the deal. I started regretting it the day before since I'd had someone else do the other two kids' photos, but I ended up being happy overall with how they turned out.
Sara set up a lot of the poses and I took the pictures. It made me wish I'd had an assistant with other newborn shoots I've done. So much easier to have someone else doing the posing while I'm getting the camera set and can start shooting immediately when baby is ready.

The other nice thing about hiring someone for photos is having someone else to do all of the culling and editing. Plus newborns are so tricky to edit with their splotchy skin and tones. Hopefully I'll finish them all one day, I just picked through and chose my favorites and left the others for now. It took us all day, but it was fun having a friend to do it with. Thanks so much Sara! 


  1. These turned out great!

  2. Well, first he is adorable! But also, the photos are adorable! You are such a great photographer!

    1. Thank you so much!!!! :) Hope you're doing well!