Friday, February 28, 2014

10 Months

Happy 10 Months Benjamin!! You have now lived outside of my body as long as you were inside, which is is a milestone to me.  How much changes in those 10 months of pregnancy and 10 months of the first year!
At 10 months you have mastered crawling and pulling up. You are fast and can get anywhere you want now, so I can't turn away for too long. You've tried some new foods: blueberries, yogurt melts, pumpkin waffles, and many combinations of of fruit and veggie purees. With food you seem to really love something one day then not care for it the next time. You love taking baths and go crawling as fast as you can for the bathroom if you hear the water running.

What a happy and content little guy you are!

 Just two tiny teeth so far...

Its hard to believe this first year is coming to an end soon! I'm loving watching you change and grow!

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