Tuesday, February 04, 2014

New firsts...

Isabella had her first hair cut this week. She was pretty nervous when I told her we were going and said she couldn't get her hair cut, because she was "too little". But the more we talked about it I thought she was OK.  I wanted to get the ends trimmed before my hair girl went on maternity leave.

I tried to talk and joke with her and when she sat there like a statue not laughing back or talking much I could tell how freaked out she was. I felt bad!

But it was  over pretty fast!

And she was done and having her sucker! She told me later she was scared the scissors were going to hurt her. Hopefully the next time we go it will be less scary! 

On Saturday my mom took us to see Frozen- Isabella's first movie. Benjamin stayed with my sister while we went.
Buying popcorn

I wish this one hadn't turned out blurry! :)

About 20 minutes in to the movie I didn't think we would make it through the whole thing...but we did. I think the different songs helped to grab her interest. We have been listening to songs from Frozen ever since and there has been much dancing and singing all around the house. It was a lot of fun!

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