Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 3rd-13th

February 3rd: Going shopping!

February 4th: Snow Day! Making pumpkin muffins.

February 5th: I threw up in my bed in the night, but I'm waking up happy! (And sleeping on his Daddy's crib sheet.)

February 6th: Enjoying the snow ice cream we made. 

February 7th: My little man has been really sick and had me really worried...

February 8th: Making a craft with Daddy with crayons.

February 9th: Home with a sick baby Sunday morning. Quiet time for me.

February 10th: Making some Valentine's.

February 11th: Bedtime shenanigans with Daddy

February12th: It's chilly- but the first sunshine and non freezing temps in over a week! Had to get outside!

February 13th: All clean after throwing up at breakfast.

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  1. so glad he's on the upswing! Nothing sparks mom anxiety like a sick baby!