Wednesday, March 05, 2014

February 21th-March 2nd

 February 21st- Headed off to the Father/Daughter date night at church. When given many options of dinner choices, she chose Braums. Which wasn't one of the choices was just what she wanted. At least she's a cheap date I guess?! :)

 February 22nd: He wraps his fingers through the holes in his blanket when he's going to sleep. So sweet.

February 23rd: Farm eggs my friend brought me.

February 24th: Books on my nightstand to read. (AKA I forgot to take a picture earlier in the day...still a detail of our life, right?)

 February 25th: Some of the kids books. (FORGOT AGAIN!!! :( )


February 26th: Pictures from Benjamin's 10 month photo session. 

 February 27th: We went to dinner at Yamatos for our niece's 13th birthday. I thought Isabella would really enjoy watching the food being cooked at our table and the tricks they do...turns out she was terrified by the fire. 

 February 28th: On the move.

 March 1st: I've been wanting to try Evoke coffee for a long time. I went by there with Benjamin this Saturday while Michael and Iz were out of town. Their caramel latte was excellent!

March 2nd: His and Her suitcases. Isabella joined Michael on a weekend work trip to San Antonio.

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