Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 17th-23rd

March 17th: This is a shot from the book "your baby in pictures" from the 9-12 month section. I realized he is almost 12 months and there are some I haven't done. (How is he almost one year?!) It is supposed to capture their chubby legs. I wish I would have done it a month or two ago as his legs have already started slimming down some since he's been crawling.

March 18th: I made sandwich bread again for the first time since having Benjamin. I need to find a less time intensive wheat bread recipe. Its just not something I can do every week at this point. But after rest time Isabella and I sat at the table together and enjoyed a piece warm out of the oven with a little bit of nutella...and it is SO good!

March 19th: We took a quick afternoon trip out to Pops for a pop and candy and some play time outside there.

March 20th: We did a couple activities to celebrate the first day of spring. One of them being making some spring sugar cookies. She finally figured out how to use the roller really well this time!

March 21st: Our Oklahoma adventure day

March 22nd: The sun beginning to rise on my Saturday morning run.

March 23rd: We surprised Isabella with an ice cream run in pajamas at bedtime for her 1/2 birthday.

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