Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 3rd-16th

March 3rd- She wanted her ponies to go outside and make snow tracks. So much cold weather this winter!

March 4th- At the farmer's market in Monterey

March 5th- Jelly fish at the aquarium in Monterey and the boys in their matching pjs.

March 6th- Hiking at Point Lobos

 All from March 7th- I need to narrow down a favorite.  The lone cypress, fisherman's wharf, sunset at the beach by Em's house.

March 8th- Breakfast at Katy's place in Carmel

March 9th- We saw two hot air balloons driving out to our friend's house.

 March 10th- Benjamin sleeping at night

March 11th- Evening park time alone with Isabella.

March 12th- Evening walk just Benjamin and me

March 13-Afternoon tea party

March 14th-We had a really fun date night! We went to eat in the plaza district not knowing it was Live on the Plaza. There were bagpipe performers in the street and several other musicians. We ate at The Mule, had pie from pie junkie to celebrate national pie day, and salted caramel ice cream from Roxy's. So good!! Many thanks to Nana and Cappy our babysitters for the night!

March 15th- Peeking through the door to this scene. Her covered in bubbles and him laughing and laughing with her. So sweet.

March 16th- Benjamin looking so big in his little bible class seat.

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