Sunday, September 15, 2013

We got  tickets to Wicked for our anniversary gift to each other. It seemed like a while ago, but the time came fast. We had reservations to a new place for dinner but after reading the terrible reviews on Urbanspoon we decided to cancel the day of and go to 501. It is consistently good!! Although, our service was a different story. 
We got to have a fun night out with the Anderson's and it was fun to leave the house with clean hair that was dry (AND fixed), shaved legs, a tiny purse, heels, and no diaper bag!! :)

        Michael pretending to be Glinda....nice.

My sister kept Benjamin, and Izzy stayed with her grandparents overnight. I knew he was in the best hands, but I was still a bit worried about him as he doesn't really like bottles and I would be gone for a long time. But I got a great update that all was well he drank all his bottle, right as the show was starting. The show was great, I had forgotten a lot about the storyline, and the singing was awesome. Many thanks to our great babysitters!

 I told Isabella Friday night when I was getting her ready for bed that she was going away on a sleepover the next day. I told her I would miss her but she would have a lot of fun. And she cupped her hands around my face and said very sweetly, "Don't be sad my dear. I will come back and you will lots of fun here with Daddy while I'm gone." It was so sweet and it made me laugh so much! :) I'm ready to have her home.

And in unrelated news, we went to the store after church this morning and the honeycrisp apples were back!! So happy about that! They are the best apples.  :)  I love fall!

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  1. Hot mamas!!
    Such a sweet comment from Izzy.
    I knew I could count on you to let me know when those honeycrisps were back!