Friday, September 27, 2013

Celebrating three

My mom's birthday is the day before Isabella's. We had lunch that day for the September family birthdays, Michael, Mom and Isabella.

 Michael stayed home for birthday pancakes the morning of her birthday. He added some sprinkles to # 3 pancake for extra fun.

 She wanted a carriage car for her my little ponies and a "spikes" (a character on MLP). But she said her favorite present we got her was her new pinky pie toothbrush.

 Practicing her #3 fingers the morning of her birthday...still some work to do there. :)

I had asked her if there was something special she wanted for dinner and she said "chips and cheese and peanut butter and crackers".  We went out to Alfredo's for dinner (no peanut butter and crackers- but she didn't mention it.) She loves their sopaipillas!
Three!! It is hard to believe! 

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