Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great State Fair

We went to the state fair for $3 Tuesday. The Roberts were already planning to go so we arranged to meet up. We were about to get in line to get our tickets when someone got on a loudspeaker saying everyone needed to take cover for a storm that was coming. We were not to be detoured. We waited it out in the car and then went in. Isabella was happy about all of the rain puddles. We were going to see the Mutton Bustin' but it was rained out. We went to see the pigs racing, but their sound system got damaged in the rain storm, so they canceled. But the food did not disappoint. That's mostly why we were there anyway, right?! Michael got a chicken burrito. We shared some Wisconsin cheese and a cinnamon roll. And lastly some chocolate bread pudding. We scaled back from some past years.

Collecting apples, pumpkins, and eggs from the "farm".

She turned in her basket of goods and got paid. You could buy a piece of candy or a blue ribbon with your dollar. She picked the candy, of course.

Benjamin was happy as could be.

Until the very end, and then he got a bit hangry. No fair food for him this year- next year my son! :) 

I asked Isabella what her favorite parts of the fair were and she said "playing the farmer and splashing in the puddles and seeing the donkey with flower".  My dad took Isabella back to the fair the next day on "Senior Citizens day" and they got to see the pig races, and he said she ate 2/3s of their massive cinnamon roll. And on the way home when they drove past frontier city she said "Papa! I think you've been wanting to take me there for a long time!" Haha!

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