Tuesday, July 31, 2012

22 Months

Isabella turned 22 months while we were out of town. When I look at her I can't believe how big she is getting. But the biggest change I notice day to day is her speech. She said her first 4 words sentence while we were in CO: "Izzy take shower too", and since then has been continuing to string multiple words together. She repeats almost everything we say even when I don't think she's listening. *yikes!* The past couple of weeks pretty much any time I say "no" or "not right now", she will answer with "later" or "maybe later?"
She is very busy and loves to move, dance, and run.  She is remembering more places that we go and things we have done in the day. She has pretty much stopped using Mama and Dada, and mostly says Mommy, Daddy, and occasionally Michael or Daddy Michael.
Favorite things: books, coloring, pushing her stroller, bubbles, trains, and playing in water.
Favorite foods: grapes, watermelon, scrambled eggs, jelly beans, popsicles, chickfila.
Favorite books: CorduroyA book of sleep, My name is not Isabella, Beach Day
Most requested songs to listen to:  Magic by Mozella and Downtown by Petula Clark.
Favorite songs to sing: Twinkle, Sunshine, and "Baby".

 No time for sitting around!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The tail end of our trip

We took our time getting ready Thursday morning. Beth and I went for a walk, ate breakfast, and drank our coffee on the back porch taking in the mountains for the last day.  We said goodbye to the beautiful Chalet and our peaceful time there.

We drove over to Frisco for lunch. We ate lunch at Bagalis. Everything I tried there was great. We walked around Frisco and got an afternoon snack to go from Butterhorn Bakery. I would highly recommend going there if you are ever in the area. We drove down to Colorado Springs and spent the night there. We stopped off at a park with a great splash pad and fountain.

Friday morning we went to see the Garden of the gods in Colorado Springs. 

It was gorgeous there. It reminded me of Sedona a little.

After lunch we drove to Dumas, Texas for the night. It was just the right amount of time to split the drive up. We found a great place for dinner and watched some of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The west texas sunset was great. 

Goodnight moon

After breakfast Saturday morning we headed east toward Oklahoma. We watched the temperature rise higher and higher on our journey down from Colorado until it was over a 40 degree difference. I've said I'm going to try to not complain about the heat...but...can I just say 108 is oppressively hot?! :)
Thanks so much for inviting us Anderson's! Colorado in the Summer was glorious. We loved it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We had many adventures today. And I took one million pictures to tell about it. :) I've been practicing just taking pictures in manual mode this week, which has been somewhat tricky with various lighting situations and a fast moving child, but also really fun.

This morning we went to Georgetown to ride the train, as our kids currently love trains. Isabella was a little scared at first at all the noise the steam engine made, but after that she had a great time.

After lunch and naps we went to the Dillon reservoir close to the house to check it out.

 There was also a really fun park right by the lake.

Then we headed back to cook our last dinner at the house (see our menu above). I can't believe our last full day is over! :(
Some after dinner train playing. The kids will probably be most sad to leave this awesome Thomas train set.

 Then we went on a hike before putting the kids to bed. 

 We still have 2.5 more days, but I can't believe this portion of the trip is over. Isabella has not slept as long as usual at night or some of her naps so she has not been the happiest at times. But I suppose that can be expected when traveling. The weather has been amazing and I have been in awe any time I have looked around me. I would have said before this trip that I am more of a beach person, and I am, but I have loved the mountains in the Summer and escaping the Oklahoma heat. We are grateful our friends invited us on this trip to spend time in another part of God's creation, and for the fun memories we have made.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Here is a little of what we have been up to:

Exploring the woods one morning                              Swimming

(Happy 22 months!)
We drove over to Breckenridge Tuesday morning. We went to the top of peak 8 in one of these gondolas. I thought Isabella might be scared on the ride up...but she wasn't.

We are loving being the mountains, having the windows open in the house, and being together.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend through my lens

Adventures in the hotel in Hays, KS

Somewhere in the middle of Kansas. Overall the kids did well in the car. There was some mild fussing...but no moments where the adults considered jumping from the car. That's success, right?!

Flat land all through Kansas. We did see lots of corn, some gorgeous sunflowers, windmill farms, and this train- the highlight of Kansas for Isabella.

Finally in Colorado. The view from the back porch of our house.

Strolling through Keystone Village

Feeding the fish

 Paddle boats in Keystone village

 Scenic wagon ride

Meeting the horses, Bert & Ernie

We've had a great weekend, and I'm looking forward to the week to come.