Friday, July 20, 2012


We went out on a date night this week to have a child-free dinner while my friends were in town. And because our family members that usually would watch Isabella are spread out traveling between Virginia, Australia, and Buenos Aires we hired a recommended babysitter that was not family or one of my close friends for the first time. I was a little nervous about the whole thing, but Isabella was happy when we left and asleep when we got home, so it was a success. (And this morning when she was in time out and was calling for everyone she knows: Dada! Mimi! Cappy! Nana! Papa!, the babysitter she knew for 3.5 hours made the list of people she wanted to come save her from time out. CARLY!!!)
Headed out with no diaper bags or car seats. (I still thought about her a lot.)

We poured over restaurant choices for a long time to find a place that would entice the foodies along with the not-so-adventurous ones in our group, and settled on The Metro. The cheese plate was great, my filet was very good, and the bread pudding was possibly the best thing anyone had.

It was a really fun evening! We laughed a lot and enjoyed finishing our conversations without interruptions.

The past two weeks have really flown by. Today was our last day together and time to say goodbye. 

I will miss talking about everything, laughing together, scouring Whole Foods for fresh ingredients for dinner and Emily saying things like "I was just thinking we could throw together a deconstructed ratatouille for dinner", and cooking together.
We knew this trip was planned for several months so it was great to look forward to. I'm not sure when we will see each other again so it makes goodbye a little more sad this time.

So I'm going to end today with some of my gratitudes from the week:
- Having friends in our home
-Isabella's funny personality and crazy faces this week
-My mom coming home in two days
-Being married to my best friend
-Leaving for vacation tomorrow and getting to spend time together as a family and with friends in a beautiful part of God's creation.

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