Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weekend Adventures


Her first time to paint. Glad I took her clothes off as she decided to turn it into some body painting as well.

After painting we went and checked out the water park/splash pad at frontier city and rode the train a couple of times.

That night we headed out to the lake to catch what turned out to be an awesome sunset. I just had my phone to take pics, but wished I had my camera. Its one of my favorite spots in our city.

Isabella and I were twins. 

Isabella partied it up at a friend's princess birthday party.

Isabella had her first face painting, done by Rapunzel.

Dressed up in her fourth of July Sunday best

I feel like I am always saying "I can't believe it is already ______" fill in the blank.  But, I really can't believe its July already! We've got a fun and busy week ahead!

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