Wednesday, July 25, 2012


We had many adventures today. And I took one million pictures to tell about it. :) I've been practicing just taking pictures in manual mode this week, which has been somewhat tricky with various lighting situations and a fast moving child, but also really fun.

This morning we went to Georgetown to ride the train, as our kids currently love trains. Isabella was a little scared at first at all the noise the steam engine made, but after that she had a great time.

After lunch and naps we went to the Dillon reservoir close to the house to check it out.

 There was also a really fun park right by the lake.

Then we headed back to cook our last dinner at the house (see our menu above). I can't believe our last full day is over! :(
Some after dinner train playing. The kids will probably be most sad to leave this awesome Thomas train set.

 Then we went on a hike before putting the kids to bed. 

 We still have 2.5 more days, but I can't believe this portion of the trip is over. Isabella has not slept as long as usual at night or some of her naps so she has not been the happiest at times. But I suppose that can be expected when traveling. The weather has been amazing and I have been in awe any time I have looked around me. I would have said before this trip that I am more of a beach person, and I am, but I have loved the mountains in the Summer and escaping the Oklahoma heat. We are grateful our friends invited us on this trip to spend time in another part of God's creation, and for the fun memories we have made.

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