Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Raising her up

(The best way to eat watermelon in the Summer: outside, in your diaper, with water to wash off in afterward.)

Today was a discouraging day. I carried my child screaming out of the grocery store. She had multiple fits throughout the day. And the cherry on top was when she hit her friend tonight while we were over for dinner. Today was a particularly bad day. Luckily, most days are not to this caliber. But more often lately, I find myself struggling to find the balance giving her some freedom and creating a fun childhood for her with guiding her to grow up to be a well mannered, behaved person. I know a lot of her behavior is typical for her age, but hitting people and screaming when you don't get what you want is not an acceptable way to behave. I know there is plenty of time to help her learn these things, but also know this learning has to start early. I was haunted today by every parenting session I've had with a client, and the sound of my own voice saying, "You must be consistent", "Be firm, but calm", "You must model how to express anger in ways that are OK", "It's OK if you have to carry your child out of the store and you feel like people are looking, remember you are helping them learn what is acceptable and what is not"... blah blah blah. And while it is OK, it is definitely not an easy job to get to teach these things to your child in front of others.

 I guess Isabella is helping me personally learn what it feels like so I can have even more understanding and be better at my job, and have plenty of opportunities to practice patience myself. Thanks kid.  


  1. And your clients will benefit knowing that even the pros get frustrated!

  2. Well, I don't know that pro is the right term, but it's good for me to have my own experiences to draw from. That's the bright side...right?! :)

  3. These kind of toddler days are so hard. It for sure has helped me with more understanding of how hard "conistency" is a times and the energy it requires when you are so worn out at that point. Hope the week just gets better from here.