Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I was blessed to grow up with the most patient person I've ever known for a father. When I was little, one of my favorite things was having my dad blow dry my hair. I remember sitting on the toilet in our house in Australia and he would brush it all down in my face where I couldn't see. As he finished he would brush it all out of my face. He had a different way of doing it, but it was always done with such tenderness, it was really special to me.
There is just something really special about a Dad's relationship with his daughter.
I loved watching my Dad brushing Isabella's hair at the beach this year. She actually sat still for it.
I married a man that has many of the same qualities that I love in my dad, but at the young age we married, I don't think I thought a lot about what he would be like as a father. I have loved watching Michael grow into his role as a father over these past 21 months. He is also a compassionate, tender, patient, encouraging Dad, just like mine is. I talked to someone recently about raising daughters, and they mentioned the importance of the father's love and investment in the daughter for their self esteem. I'm so glad that is something that comes naturally for Michael and he so desires for Isabella to know how much he cherishes her.
Donuts with Dad father's day morning 2012
Is it good? (A favorite question these days)

Michael, I am proud of the father you are, excited to see how you continue to grow as a father, and so grateful to have you as my partner on this parenting journey.

We spent time with our families this weekend. Played at the water park.  Napped. Watched Downton Abbey. And ate good food.

Coloring with Nana

Isabella and I are also so blessed with a kind, thoughtful, and generous man for a father-in-law and grandfather to celebrate this father's day weekend.

I'm grateful for the time we get to spend with family and the investment our parents are making in our daughter's life.

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