Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 262

Since I became visibly pregnant, I've learned that strangers have things they want to comment on or talk to you about.  First it's things like,  'what are you having', 'when are you due', "what are you naming the baby', and later 'you look like you could have that baby any minute'.  Then the baby comes and a new constant stream of comments begins. I guess I'm pretty used to it now. I certainly didn't have near as many conversations with strangers in the line at the grocery store, at restaurants, in the bathroom, and so on as I do now that I have a child. Today, a lady asked me how old Isabella was, if I would have more kids, and said that I definitely should have more, and she ended with saying 'Its just not fair, you only get 365 days to spend with them at each age they are, and then its gone too fast'.
I almost said, well luckily this is a leap year and so I get an extra day of this age with her this year, but I didn't. :)
Here is some of day 262 of our 366:
After breakfast we headed out to the zoo for some exploring.
We made it to Tuesday story time 

Followed by craft time

And, of course, some time to play in the water

Isabella was more interested in seeing the animals today than any other zoo trip. We stayed at the elephants for a long time.

Headed out to have dinner with Nana and Cappy
FaceTime with Daddy while he's out of town


  1. I got a lecture one time by a lady I was giving a ride to in my car about how I needed to have more than one kid because she might die one day and then I'll be sorry I didn't have another one...OR Ryan and I might die and she'll have to do through our death alone. Then I was depressed and vowed to never give another homeless person a ride :)

    1. LOL! Why people...why? :)