Sunday, June 03, 2012

Last night on the beach

Our last night I wanted to get some pictures in the golden light, so we headed down to the beach about an hour before sunset. Isabella did not want to cooperate with taking pictures, but she had a grand time running along the beach, getting in the water, and digging in the sand.

That was until she stepped on a jellyfish. She had worn shoes at the beach every day, but I didn't put any on her this time. She screamed for what seemed like forever. Maybe 25 minutes. There was no urgent care facility on the Island, so we were told to take her to the fire station and they could check her out there. The fireman said if she was going to go into anaphylactic shock she would have already, so we were OK there. They treated her foot with some jellyfish squish sting treatment relief, (which I plan to have in my beach bag the next time we go to the beach), and sent us on our way. It was a traumatic ending to our fun adventure!

1 comment:

  1. that still makes me so sad for you!

    the picures are beautiful! Look at your photography skills! I love the one where the beach mirrors her little body.