Tuesday, June 26, 2012

21 Months

 Isabella, at 21 months you are constantly moving, often talking or singing, and getting more and more personality. You love to grab me and say "I got you!" then laugh and laugh and say, "I funny." You still love playing outside, running everywhere, blowing bubbles, coloring with chalk, and eating popsicles. You love books. A few of your favorites right now are: Commotion in the Ocean, Beach Day, and Thomas the Train. Two of them we have maxed out the check out time at the library and we will probably have to purchase them for our collection. You love trains, and when we drive by the train tracks you say, "Pease! More train, more train!" As if I can make the trains appear. :) Usually I am frustrated when we get stuck at the train tracks, but this last time I enjoyed it listening to you be so excited about it. You like to color, play with play doh, and help with some tasks in the kitchen. We make scrambled eggs together several days a week and your favorite part is putting in some pepper. You know several colors now. You love building block towers with Daddy and knocking them down. You have been enjoying watching Elmo. Sometimes you watch it while I take a shower. You used to pull back the shower curtain, get water all over yourself and the floor and cry while I was in the shower, and now if I put Elmo on you sit in your chair and watch it. The first few times you would still run into the bathroom every few minutes to check on me. Now you sit in your chair like such a big girl and when I check on you when I'm out, I'm still surprised to see you sitting there. You love my friends and often ask them to hold you or hold hands when we are together. You have finally started calling my friend Heather, 'Heather' instead of Mama Katie. You have discovered a love for watermelon this Summer. You also are loving grapes (which you insistently call blueberries, even when corrected), strawberries, fruit/spinach/yogurt smoothies, chickfila nuggets, and edamame. Your favorite treats are still chocolate, jelly beans, and marshmallows (shinos).

You have a wild, happy spirit. You have an equally strong, determined personality. We are both learning; me about how to set limits in a way that works well for you and you testing where all the limits are! :) 

I watch you sometimes and can't believe how big you are, and how much you are doing and saying. Happy 21 months baby girl!

****Zebra/chair pics from one year ago: 

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  1. happy 21 months, Izzy! It's a joy to know you and watch you grow. You win the award for usually having the most enthusistic greeting form me and my little girl when we meet. Makes a girl feel special,no matter what name you call me, its for sure one of the many things I love about that joyful spirit of yours.