Sunday, November 27, 2011

This weekend my aunt and uncle treated my cousins, sister, and me to a night in a hotel downtown and dinner at the melting pot for Hayli's 30th birthday. We had a lot of fun, and this night also marked my first night away from Isabella. I ended up only being gone about 20 hours, so less than a full day, but it was a milestone, for sure. I felt good about it as she was at home, with her daddy, and I got several updates that things were going just fine.

Heather and Hayli had never been to the melting pot, so it was fun to get to experience it with them!

Something always happens to me when time for the chocolate comes. Its rather embarrassing, but I usually cannot stop laughing.

I love it when Hayli laughs really hard because she always cries, and it gets even more funny. The melting pot is great since you are there for so long and its more of an "experience" than just eating out.

Afterward we walked around downtown. It was pretty to see it all lit up for Christmas. We rode on one of the canal boats. (They are doing free rides in December Thursday through Sunday).

It was so fun to hang out just the four of us since we grew up together, and its been so long since we've been able to.
We walked back to our hotel afterward and stayed up late talking and laughing. Hayli and I have had these ugly red shoes that we have passed back and forth to each other since junior high. She originally gave them to me as a joke, and then I would hide them at her house when I went to visit in Australia, or a family member would pass them back and forth for us. The red shoes were joined by a tacky felt, red hat, and an equally ugly red bag. Anyway, I've had them since we graduated college 7 years ago, and she had forgot about them.

What could it be?!

I got her good, after all these years. (I also gave her a real present other than the red shoes). I better not be getting them back for my 30th birthday after keeping them so long!
It was a fun end to the holiday weekend!

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