Sunday, November 13, 2011

seasons come and go

I spoke on a panel this past Friday to MFT students and recent graduates. I ended with encouraging them to remember the hard parts of right now, that feel so overwhelming and never-ending, are just for a season. Eventually you finish your hours, your courses, your thesis, get a job, begin licensure, pass the exam, get licensed- it does all actually happen. And, I reminded, in the midst of these difficult seasons you must try to glean as much as you can from them, knowing they will pass.
The ironic part is I was saying all this, coming off my own week of "overwhelming, tired, is-this-ever-going-to-pass?" Being out of school or out of whatever does not exempt us from tiring seasons.
Luckily this tiring season was nothing too serious. Isabella was sick this past week, and it was the longest amount of time that she has been sick. The first few days were not too bad when she was clinging and cuddly. But then another child took over that was crazy fussy, screaming, and at times inconsolable. A rash covered her body, and I tried to not think the worse. A trip to the doctor confirmed it was just the end of a virus and she should be getting well soon.
Hence the lack of posting. I spent most of my down time catching up on things, resting, or rocking a baby. And nobody really wants to hear about how tired we are, frustrated, or disappointed about missing a cooking class, lunch with friends, etc. So instead I'll tell about the good parts. Our families were awesome coming over several times to help with Isabella and to give us a break. A sweet friend stopped by with a happy present for me.

My sister came over one night to craft, and we made these felt banners. It is hard to see in the picture but they are adorned with the cutest little turkeys. It makes me happy. I didn't get my glitter pumpkins made this year, but I'm going to let it go. We are already listening to some Christmas music around here.

And over the last week or two it seems the trees have really started to show off.

Isabella discovered the joy of bubble wrap. So fun!

And finally after a week, my sweet, happy girl seems to be back!
We are bouncing back from a busy week of homecoming, a house guest, and a sick child.
Here's to a new week and new season!

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